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Insights from Ethnographer

July 24, 2008


I was asking our Intel ethnographer, Tony Salvador, his thoughts on youth’s ideas of the future from the World Mural Project.



Tony has some thoughtful insights that made me even more appreciative of the youth’s ideas, here are some of his thoughts:


“It’s interesting to see that not too many of the concepts were self-centered.  Much of their care and concern is on world peace, greener environment, better healthcare, or improvements on issues around them in the community issues; not about their stereo system or their playstation.”


“I suppose these ideas reflect things they know or that are important to them: a strong sense of community and civic awareness.  There is relatively small number of entries on how computers affect them on a personal level.  I’m pleasantly surprised that most of the entries are not on selfish needs, but improvements about someone else, communication with one another or general issues in the world.”


“Many ideas seem readily attainable, for example, the small phone/watch that co-opts the hand signal for “call me.”


“You can clearly see a lot of influence of TV and movies from the responses of the youth and kids.”


“You can see there is a desire to go somewhere, aspirations of having or experiencing “the far away” – events they can’t get in person.”


Here’s also a video that Tony shared his thoughts on technology in classrooms that we did a couple of months ago:




India’s part in the world mural project!

July 23, 2008

It was exciting to get an opportunity for being part of the “World Mural Project”, a web-based digital art work that will include visual and written content from the worldwide clubhouses/schools that are part of the Intel network. Each school/clubhouse were expected to submit a “digital tile” on the theme “How computers will empower us in 40 Years”.


The school that me & other Intel volunteers were involved in for this project was K.R.Puram government school in Bangalore, India. As you can see below, the imagination & effort put in by the 15 year old kid to create this art-work was really wonderful!

We also got good co-operation from the art-teacher & principal of the school, who together motivated the kids to unleash their imagination. We Intel volunteers helped in having a small recognition event at the school for the kid who made this art-work & also portrayed this at Intel campus during 40th year anniversary celebrations!

In the end, what really counted was the satisfaction in the face of the kid to be part of a world-wide project, involving ~70 countries!!

The World Mural Project is Born!

July 18, 2008
  • >500 youth and kids
  • 70 computer clubhouses
  • 21 countries
  • 300 volunteers
  • >1000 volunteers hours
  • countless ‘oohs-ahhs’

That’s all shaping up to be the World Mural Project…it’s finally born!

Young people are very creative in telling us how they see computers in their lives in the next 40 years, but I’m still blown away by the great variety ideas coming in – some of them quite feasible in the foreseeable future, others very futuristic – but it’s 40 years away! Anything that seems impossible now could be something standard in our dailies lives 40 years later….the new norm.

And I’m excited to say the Intel researchers are already working on a number of technology areas that are similar with what the youth envisioned.

The World Mural Project won’t be possible if not for the creativity and enthusiastic participation of the youth and kids around the world, the mentoring by clubhouse coordinators, constant dedication from our volunteers and direction from our amazing artist Favianna.  THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!

Happy Birthday Intel!  I hope you like this birthday present that our youth and kids have given you for your 40th birthday.

Sharing from Isarel

July 17, 2008


Racheli Eliyahu, an Intel volunteer who supported the clubhouse in Israel (Kiriat Gat), has the following experience on the project to share:



Welcome to the Global Village Kids World

The project in Israel was done with the clubhouse schoolchildren together with 6 volunteers.  The Intel volunteers led the project and after a few meetings they came up with many interesting ideas.  At the end, we decided to combine diversity and technology and to show the world its importance and relevant value.

Our project describes the many cultures around the world and how they come together to be one piece 40 years from now.

It will give people the option to meet your friend in other land and to play football inside the computer whenever they want to, just think about the options to be in a clubhouse in one place and by the power of the computer chip in few seconds you can be there and play together.

The real dream is to be inside the computer – for example, Natali from Russia wants to meet Rachel from Israel and play together she can do it by the power of a computer chip.



And I ask my mother – what will I be…..

July 12, 2008

When I read the comment below from Alvaro Luna, I can’t help but having this song in my mind:

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich……

When we were young, we were not afraid to dream, to imagine and to believe all the possbilities for our future. It’s touching to see how the World Mural Project has done a little to encourage our youth to dream a better future, hopefully that will inspire them to create a better world for all of us.

And believe me, I know this song becuase I like oldies 🙂


  Alvaro Luna Says:
July 8, 2008 at 5:43 pm eWhen I asked our members the question at the center of our mural, our conversation took me many years ago when my dad asked me the same and I though what a great moment in time we have today with this project.
As my single story has been part of my life but isolated from many other stories like mine, we have the opportunity today to share with members no just from our own clubhouse but from people around the world what their expectations are. We will have a chance to some day in the near 40 years to review our ideas and see what was possible; it can give us a common vision of what world we would like to have and finding ways to make it happen.
After so many movies of destruction and fears of apocalypse, there is hope to see that we can dream and strive positively for the future of mankind.

World Mural Project – East Palo Alto Style

July 10, 2008

Hi all,  The Santa Clara team of Media/Press Relations, Corporate Affairs, Intel Studios and volunteers representing several business groups completed Part 1 of the mural project today at the EPA Clubhouse. We were pleasantly surprised to see the graphics the clubhouse kids are creating. They are very proficient with photo shop, and taught us all a skill or two. The designs are expressive, colorful, and full of pride. Alex Yamamoto, Technology Director for the East Palo Alto, computer clubhouse has done an excellent job prepping the youth on the project, and coaching them on how to explain their story in graphics. Agnes CK Kwan, Larry Bozman, and Phil (the world famous Phil’s feed) were on hand, as was the beautiful Artist who created the mural. I am very proud that Intel has taken on this project, and is partnering with our international computer clubhouse network as part of our celebration of 40 years of changing the world.

Mural for Malaysia schools

July 10, 2008

It was very fun and excited when looking at the school students participate actively in this event. The most amazing thing observed during the preparation of mural painting was student able to draft out the images with free hand. I don’t think a lot of people can do that. Although there is no prizes given for this project, but students really show the interest and spirit in doing this Mural.