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The World Mural Project Comes Alive!

July 19, 2008

Muralist and digital artist Favianna Rodriguez unveiled the Intel World Mural Project today amidst a group of young digital artists inside the Intel Computer Clubhouse nestled in the bustling East Palo Alto Boys and Girls Club.

The University of California, Berkeley alumnus is now an Oakland, California-based Favianna. She helped Intel collect artwork from Computer Clubhouse students from 21 countries. She created an engaging digital romp through regions that opened up to artwork from students from Brazil, China, Costa Rica, the U.S. and other parts of the world.

All of this as a way to celebrate Intel’s 40th birthday. Looks like the future’s in good hands!

Here’s a video of Favianna’s unveiling, which I shot using my nifty Flip cam.


KGO-TV Profiles Intel 40th from East Palo Alto Computer Clubhouse

July 19, 2008

KGO-TV business reporter David Louie knows the Silicon Valley, from the ups and downs to the entrepreneurial spirit that has evolved along the way.

Today, he visited the Computer Clubhouse in East Palo Alto to participate in the Intel 40th celebration and interview Intel’s Bruce Sewell.

David Louie’s Intel @ 40 report aired tonight on KGO-TV’s (ABC) 6:00 p.m. newcast.

People and Technology Together

July 19, 2008

This is one of m favorites from the World Mural Project.  It draws out one of my favorite workds:  collaboration.

Audio Podcast: Intel’s Rita Holiday Gets the Intel 40th Party Started

July 19, 2008

Social media man on the move Chris Heuer uses his phone connected to Utterz to talk with Intel’s Rita Holiday minutes prior to the kick off today celebrating Intel’s 40th birthday at the Computer Clubhouse inside the Boys & Girls Club in East Palo Alto.  The place was roaring with excitement, festooned with balloons, artwork Intel is 40 banners and two birthday cakes.

Listen to Rita’s Podcast interview as she talks about the unveiling the Intel World Mural.

Introducing our Artist – Favianna Rodriguez!

July 5, 2008

For the World Mural Project, the exciting thing is that we will see all the creativity from the youth around the world.  But we also want the piece to be a piece of real art as well.  I’m not an artistic person so I was at lost how to do this – I’d be lucky if I got a ‘C’ for my arts class back in high school.  Well – our team said – we needed a professional artist to help us, a professional who could inspire the youth and help us bring together all the submissions around the world into one coherent piece.

The search was on and very soon, we came to know of an artist perfect for our project – experienced in digital art AND mural projects AND working with the youth AND very excited about the project!!  Is this really possible?!

This is how we found our art director for the project – Favianna Rodriguez.  The project is transfromed  by Favianna.   She brought in invaluable ideas in how to structure the project and it’s fascinating to see the art she created for the project (a teaser here for the rest of you, but when you see the World Mural Project unveiled, you will know what I mean).

I will stop here not to give away too much, but Favianna is also planning to share her artistic concept behind the project here soon.  So stay tuned!