The World Mural Project is Born!

  • >500 youth and kids
  • 70 computer clubhouses
  • 21 countries
  • 300 volunteers
  • >1000 volunteers hours
  • countless ‘oohs-ahhs’

That’s all shaping up to be the World Mural Project…it’s finally born!

Young people are very creative in telling us how they see computers in their lives in the next 40 years, but I’m still blown away by the great variety ideas coming in – some of them quite feasible in the foreseeable future, others very futuristic – but it’s 40 years away! Anything that seems impossible now could be something standard in our dailies lives 40 years later….the new norm.

And I’m excited to say the Intel researchers are already working on a number of technology areas that are similar with what the youth envisioned.

The World Mural Project won’t be possible if not for the creativity and enthusiastic participation of the youth and kids around the world, the mentoring by clubhouse coordinators, constant dedication from our volunteers and direction from our amazing artist Favianna.  THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!

Happy Birthday Intel!  I hope you like this birthday present that our youth and kids have given you for your 40th birthday.

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