Visiting the East Palo Alto Clubhouse

We visited the East Palo Alto Clubhouse in California with a group of Intel volunteers yesterday to work together with the clubhouse members on the World Mural Project.  This was not my first time visiting a computer clubhouse, but visiting a clubhouse during the summertime was a completely different experience.  There was so much energy going on!   The clubhouse members were already waiting outside of the clubhouse before it’s open, ready to come in and start their day’s experience with computers.  

Very soon, the room was bustling with action, clubhouse members gathering in small groups, working together on a project or just looking over other members’ shoulders, admiring their work on the computer.  On top of the World Mural Project, there were members developing their own video game or doing research for their projects.  Alex Yamamoto, the clubhouse coordinator, showed us a short film featured in Sundance earlier this year produced by one of the members.

As one of the volunteers said, we were here not to teach the members skills – we were here to learn from them and to exchange experiences with them – these young people are already very savvy with technology.  We can’t wait to see what they will envision the coming 40 years of computers to be!

Stay tuned for more experience from some of the volunteers!

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2 Comments on “Visiting the East Palo Alto Clubhouse”

  1. kenekaplan Says:

    Yes! “We are here to learn from them…” That’s a wonderful trait I remember from my favorite teachers. Bringing out the best of what’s already inside a pupil. I’m excited to see the work of the students! I’m getting my chance this Friday!!

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