What Happens when Youth Imagine about the Future?

Here are the feedback from some of the volunteers and clubhouse coordinators working with youth in imaging what computing will enable us to do in the coming 40 years.  A taste of the fun and creative work coming from the youth later in the project.


Patricia Says:
June 30, 2008 at 8:13 pm e

When trying to explain to the kids how to envision their lives in 40 years, I asked a 15 years old to imagine himself when he’ll be 55 thinking on a family member at this age and trying to think what does a 55 year old person will need/use in their life as the inspiration.
For my surprise it was almost unimaginable for him! From my current perspective it is easy to foresee when I’ll be 55, but looking at his eyes I realized that I would have done the same expression trying to imagine so “far away” in a timeline of ones life.
Nevertheless nowadays the kids have much more information than I did back then, and I’m sure they will do a great (and more accurate) job than I could have done back then! )

  • juandijuandi Says:
    July 5, 2008 at 3:15 pm eWell…when I told them to think about technology in 40 years…I found some interesting thoughts..I´ll give you some examples…“I think that in 40 years cars will float on the air and we would have the chance to go to other planets…houses will be stronger…”“We would gave the chance to play Gears of Wars in our mobile phone…we will have high-speed elevators…spaceships will resist ultra high or low temperatures …”“Human-Androids will help us in our daily activities…”“Computer programs will facilitate our lives…”

    “In 40 years we will have enough technology to cure diseases like cancer…!

    “We will have the best special effects!!! internet in a watch or mobile phone, holograms and things like that…but what will happen with Afrika and hunger?”

    “Teletransportation…will be possible”

    These are some ideas of what kids expect from technology 40 years from now…

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    3 Comments on “What Happens when Youth Imagine about the Future?”

    1. Alvaro Luna Says:

      When I asked our members the question at the center of our mural, our conversation took me many years ago when my dad asked me the same and I though what a great moment in time we have today with this project.
      As my single story has been part of my life but isolated from many other stories like mine, we have the opportunity today to share with members no just from our own clubhouse but from people around the world what their expectations are. We will have a chance to some day in the near 40 years to review our ideas and see what was possible; it can give us a common vision of what world we would like to have and finding ways to make it happen.
      After so many movies of destruction and fears of apocalypse, there is hope to see that we can dream and strive positively for the future of mankind.

    2. HiralandRayan Says:

      While attending a brainstorming session at the clubhouse, we were extremely impressed with the children’s ideas and their level of depth. We are student volunteers from the University of Nottingham, England participating in the Global Village Project.

      The ideas expressed, portrayed the children’s level of creativity and spanned over every aspect of modern life today. A few ideas which we found particularly intriguing are listed below;
      – Computers to be enhanced to read the individuals inner feelings
      – A device to solve global warming
      – An ID number being used as a bar code
      – A device to translate all languages

      One idea that raises interesting social implications is creating a device to translate all languages. We believe that while beneficial to creating a sense of global community and enhancing communication between cultures, it would also lead to a loss of national pride. Nations would lose part of their culture; given that a language is integral to a person’s culture.

      Furthermore, the idea concerning an ID number becoming physically part of your person, we found very scary! We do not see the benefit of this device other than allowing greater social control for the government. It would lead to a loss in privacy and a breach in personal freedom and hence, is essentially a breach of Human Rights.

      The fact that the children did not reflect on or realize the negative aspects of these developments, demonstrated their innocence. Another interesting point was the extent to which all the children’s ideas were influenced by Hollywood and the media’s perception of the future.

      On a more positive note, the idea regarding global warming was excellent; being that global warming is such an important contemporary issue. Tackling this issue would not only preserve the future for their generation but the planet for years to come.

      Upon attending the brainstorming session, we found the kids open minded and able to express their ideas concisely and with confidence. As previously mentioned, the ideas generated were influence by Hollywood a great deal however; their optimism was a refreshing change from normal cynical views. After the session we were allowed free time to socialize with the kids and we found them to be extremely friendly with an impeccable understanding of the English language. They were extremely eager to get to know us and make us feel at ease.

      We are looking forward to continuing with this Project and our experience here at the Clubhouse. We are confident that it will be both a rewarding and enjoyable experience

    3. Suha Al Syouf Says:

      I would like to thank the volunteers from the University of Nottingham for attending the second brain storming session with us, and comment about their experience with us. and special thanks for Rula Habash from the Intel in Jordan for coming to Amman Computer clubhouse meet the members, introduce the project and brainstorm ideas with them too.

      personally I was amazed when one of the members brought a camera from his grandfather “60 years ago” to show it to other members after we all had one dream imagining our selves after 40 years and our grand child came suddenly with a gift while we were receiving a msg from best friend we knew at the clubhouse… we asked the members about their feelings, how does they received that msg.. And what was the gift their grand child brought and what was their reaction…. it was a very nice discussion and helpful one to summarize their ideas into three main things the technology would help us in 40 years from now.

      Thanks to Intel for inspiring, encouraging and empowering youth in technology development.. Who knows maybe one idea could come true after 40 years from know.. I wonder where am I going to be, and what I’m doing! 🙂

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