Introducing our Artist – Favianna Rodriguez!

For the World Mural Project, the exciting thing is that we will see all the creativity from the youth around the world.  But we also want the piece to be a piece of real art as well.  I’m not an artistic person so I was at lost how to do this – I’d be lucky if I got a ‘C’ for my arts class back in high school.  Well – our team said – we needed a professional artist to help us, a professional who could inspire the youth and help us bring together all the submissions around the world into one coherent piece.

The search was on and very soon, we came to know of an artist perfect for our project – experienced in digital art AND mural projects AND working with the youth AND very excited about the project!!  Is this really possible?!

This is how we found our art director for the project – Favianna Rodriguez.  The project is transfromed  by Favianna.   She brought in invaluable ideas in how to structure the project and it’s fascinating to see the art she created for the project (a teaser here for the rest of you, but when you see the World Mural Project unveiled, you will know what I mean).

I will stop here not to give away too much, but Favianna is also planning to share her artistic concept behind the project here soon.  So stay tuned!

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3 Comments on “Introducing our Artist – Favianna Rodriguez!”

  1. juanrafael80 Says:

    I visited the Clubhouse 25 de Julio in Costa Rica this past 4 of July in order to gather information about Clubhouses technical needs. This information is used to improve IT scope of support on Clubhouses.

    The kids were intrigued about the fact that their own World Mural design is going to have a professional artist involved. I told them her name and her website was suddenly on all the Clubhouse computers. They are very excited about her design approach and want to express their gratitude since her work will reflect their own dreams.

    Juan Hernandez Charpentier

  2. Agnes Says:

    Glad to hear! We are also very excited to work with Favianna

  3. garysays1 Says:

    Many things that I observed today in the East Palo Alto Clubhouse amazed me! This clubhouse has obviously provided them the opportunities to learn and have a second home. Some kids just loved the place and treated it as a home, and they felt so comfortable there. They have learned a lot of computer knowledges and become skilled in multiple technology areas. They seem to know what they want to do when growing up, and for example, I was happy to hear that a 7th grader kept telling me that he wanted to choose a career which would let him to interact with people and help others and animals. And of course, many still did not know what the world would look like in 40 years, when asked.

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