Hello World Mural Project!

What do you think computers will empower you to do in the Next 40 Years? To celebrate Intel’s 40th birthday on July 18th, kids around the world are working on a digital mural to answer that question.

When we first thought of ways for celebrating this special day, we had a hard time coming up with something that is not only being nostalgia and looking back. We want to envision the future.

Then one of our brilliant team members came up with the idea of asking kids in computer clubhouses to imagine what it will be like in the coming 40 years. What is a better way than to ask the keepers of our future to tell us what they want to see in the future? I heard our volunteers are all jazzed up to work with the kids on this project as part of our CEO‘s pledge to give back to the community in celebrating our birthday.

The mural will be unveiled on July 18. We are all looking forward to the creativity from the kids and fun stories our volunteers and coordinators will share with us here. Enjoy and have fun 🙂


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3 Comments on “Hello World Mural Project!”

  1. It is fun watching the kids as they learn about the past forty years and as they imagine the next forty years coupled with the possibilities.

  2. Patricia Says:

    When trying to explain to the kids how to envision their lifes in 40 years, I asked a 15 years old to imagine himself when he’ll be 55 thinking on a family member at this age and trying to think what does a 55 year old person will need/use in their life as the inspiration.
    For my surprise it was almost inimaginable for him! From my current perspective it is easy to forsee when I’ll be 55, but looking at his eyes I realized that I would have done the same expression trying to imagine so “far away” in a timeline of ones life.
    Nevertheless nowadays the kids have much more information than I did back then, and I’m sure they will do a great (and more acurate) job than I could have done back then! 🙂

  3. juandijuandi Says:

    Well…when I told them to think about technology in 40 years…I found some interesting thoughts..

    I´ll give you some examples…

    “I think that in 40 years cars will float on the air and we would have the chance to go to other planets…houses will be stronger…”

    “We would gave the chance to play Gears of Wars in our mobile phone…we will have high-speed elevators…spaceships will resist ultra high or low temperatures …”

    “Human-Androids will help us in our daily activities…”

    “Computer programs will facilitate our lives…”

    “In 40 years we will have enough technology to cure diseases like cancer…!

    “We will have the best special effects!!! internet in a watch or mobile phone, holograms and things like that…but what will happen with Afrika and hunger?”

    “Teletransportation…will be possible”

    These are some ideas of what kids expect from technology 40 years from now…

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